My Fascination With Science Fiction

I have long held an interest in anything to do with science fiction, whether it is movies, fiction, series or even collectible items.

As a child, I remember watching Star Wars, A New Hope, being absolutely glued to the screen in the late 1970s. The thought of interstellar travel and swashbuckling heroes of the rebellion fueled my childhood imagination and I began to follow anything related to science fiction with a passion.

science-fiction-story-ideas-prometheusThat fascination continued through to adulthood and I bean to watch all manner of movies and series that were related to space or exploration.

The movie industry started out with just a few visionaries such as George Lucas and Stanley Kubrick, but the development of technology has allowed us to dream bigger.

There is an intrinsic link of between visionaries who use movies and books to explore ideas and and scientists who can actually take a concept and bring it to fruition. It is indeed wonderful times that we live in.

Although science fiction can often take a doom and gloom approach to things with inter-galactic wars and tales of earth’s destruction, it is still a break from reality. You can immerse yourself in science fiction and forget about your troubles in the real world, even if just for a short while. Another great escape is computer and console games which often take you on a movie-like experience where you can get into character and immerse yourself in another universe.

Science fiction is not for everyone, that much is true, but it has been one of the most constant things that I have enjoyed over the years.

Funnily enough, some of the things I thought were impossible flights of fancy as a child have turned out to become real inventions. Just think of Back To The Future and you will know what I mean.

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