Learning From A Self Confessed Computer Geek

If you’re ever bored and want to see what a science fiction/computer nerd gets up to in their spare time, just head over to David Ian Hewlett’s Twitter page.

The actor/writer is a self-confessed sci-fi geek and spends a lot of his time attending Comic Conventions. He is witty, sharp and has a very dry sense of humor, which could be attributed to his English background and upbringing.

downloadFor lovers of computers and gaming rigs, a visit to his profile is both interesting, educational and hilarious. In his regular Tweets, he offers practical advice on how to set up your rig and how to find the best parts for it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but sci-fi and computer games seem to go hand in hand these days.

It comes as no surprise that before hitting the big time as an actor, Hewlett had established a successful web development company. His love of computers permeates all aspects of his sci-fi roles, and he always ends up portraying highly intelligent characters, with his face constantly buried in a screen or monitor of sorts.

His characters are always playing with technology and finding ways to tweak things to make them work better. This is an accurate reflection of what he is like in real life, snippets of which you can enjoy from his profile.

Hewlett also gets his young son involved, getting him to take pictures of the various projects they have worked on together. These pictures inevitably make their way onto social media, accompanied by humorous anecdotes. His dog also gets involved in the projects and is often seen watching him build some mod or another, quite hilariously wearing glasses or using other equally funny props.

Hewlett is not only knowledgeable, but is also a very likable person, a stark contrast to the character he is most well known for, Dr. Rodney McKay in the Stargate series.

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