Family Ties in A Dog’s Breakfast

It would have to be David Hewlett to come up with something out there like his debut attempt at writing, directing and starring in a movie.

It was made by Hewlett, made famous by playing Dr Rodney McKay in Stargate, in 2006 and was released in 2007. It’s a far cry from his usual sci-fi role, but the plot is quite out there.

5677bbe3acbe493e4a39c9a37c37e74fThe movie features his sibling Kate Hewlett and, believe it or not, his own dog. A Dog’s Breakfast started out as a completely independent ‘fun’ project during downtime between filming Stargate episodes also features actors from the same series.

A lot of sci-fi fans love anything that Hewlett directs or acts in, and it therefore had a massive cross-over appeal, with even the staunchest of his followers willing to give it a go, to see if his on screen wit and wry humor as Dr McKay could be transposed into a completely different movie genre.

Hewlett plays Patrick, a sci-fi geek (no surprises there) and lives with his dog. His sister introduces him to her sci-fi actor boyfriend and Patrick overhears a conversation which makes him tart to think that the boyfriend is trying to kill his sister.

Eventually there is an apparent accident and the boyfriend dies. Patrick tries to cover it up, and dumps the body in a lake, but it remained afloat. He then decided to feed the remains of the body to his dog, Mars.

From there on, it gets a bit convoluted and the supposed body turns out to be a sex doll. His sister and Ryan, the boyfriend had planned to fake his death all along. They eventually get married and Patrick falls in love at first sight with Ryan’s sister. It’s complicated, but what else can you expect from Hewlett!

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