Dark Matter – From Comic Book to Small Screen

Always keen to get involved in a sci-fi project, David Hewlett reunited with the producers of Stargate franchise for the production of Dark Matter.

Hewlett, famous for his role as Dr Rodney McKay, once again teamed up with Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie to work on the show, which is based on the comic book which goes by the same name.

Dark_Matter_is_Darker_Than_Once_Thought_(18434638914)The show premiered in June 2015 and was aired on Space and Syfy. It was renewed for a second season of 13 episodes and again in 2016 for a third season which is due to air in June this year. Hewlett again borrows from his character in Stargate to play Tabor Calchek.

The plot revolves around a crew that wakes up on an interstellar star ship Raza with no recollection whatsoever of who they are and how they ended up there.

Hewlett plays the part of the Raza crew’s handler and agent. The show starts out with the creww showing extreme distrust towards each other, but they soon realise that if they are to find out who they are, and why on earth they are on a space vessel bristling with weapons, they need to work together.

They do not even know their names, so they name themselves according to the order in which they woke up from hibernation from number one through to number six.

They soon do and the truth hits them, they are a ship full of smugglers, rogues and all round criminals that have a seriously dark past. They begin to atone for their past by helping out a bunch of miners on a planet who are at the mercy of a massive corporation, intent on forcing them out. Before long, the show becomes an action packed shoot-em up.

It’s an interesting take on a sci-fi, but it was not that well received by the critics and it was given an average rating of about 5 out of 10.

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