Clamor For David Hewlett to be Cast as Dr Who

David Hewlett needs no introduction to sci-fi fans. He started out as a B-movie actor before scoring his big role in the Stargate series and its spinoffs. From there, he turned writer/director and has produced his own sci-fi and horror movies and productions.

768px-Dr_Who_(316350537)He fell in love with science fiction from a very early age and one of the big influences on his movie life and career was watching Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, which he saw when he was 10 years old.

Another big influence on Hewlett’s interest in science fiction was Dr Who, the long-running and recently rebooted series made in his native United Kingdom. Hewlett has so far remained mum on whether he would like to play the role of the Doctor, but there is a clamor for the producers to get him on board and play the part in a future series.

Dr Who makers are known to refresh the series every now and then by bringing a new actor in to play the part and Hewlett, who played Dr Rodney McKay in Stargate, has the right balance of satire, humor and gravitas to pull off the role without any problems.

You could say that he could more or less transposed the character into the British sci-fi seamlessly. Dr Who fan sites have repeatedly put out the call for him to be made the next Dr Who and there are several social media pages that have been dedicated to reaching this goal.

Hewlett is a self-confessed fan and has often posted photographs of himself wearing Dr Who merchandise and near reproductions of Dr Who’s famous time machine, The Tardis. He has also posted pictures of himself playing with a Dr McKay action figure and a Dalek – the alien villains in Dr Who.

The clamor is so huge that every time he does something of the sort, he immediately goes viral in sci-fi circles.

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