The Infamous Casino Scene in James Bond’s Dr No (1962)

bond casino scene

Dr. No was released in 1962 and introduced James Bond into the movie scene. Ian Flemings novels had created such a classy character, that the big screen wanted in on the action. Since Fleming’s death, eight other authors have gone on to write authorised Bond novels. The character has also been adapted for radio, comic strip, television and video games. James Bond is an icon, a man not be messed with. It was in the first movie adaptation of the Fleming novels that Bond’s character came to life and the viewers couldn’t get enough.

The Casino Scene

The very first scene in the first Bond film opens up with Bond sat at a casino table – a swanky joint in Monte Carlo. Bond is positioned as a suave gentleman with sophisticated taste. He likes a dry martini (shaken, not stirred). He is also a super spy, who remains suited and booted, and has a way with the ladies. Bond is a high roller, known for his killer casino stance and poker face. In Dr No. Bond can be seen playing a classic casino card game – an old version of baccarat known as Chemin-de-fer. He is calm, collected and ready to raise the stakes. It’s in this scene that Bond indirectly introduces himself to the viewers.

A lady (Sylvia Trench) has been watching him intently as he plays the game. Bond casually opens his cigarette case, stares into her eyes momentarily and then we hear those famous words ‘Bond…James Bond’. It’s in this moment that a legend is born. Undoubtedly, this scene is memorable and defined Bond for the decades to come. Sean Connery was applauded for his role in the film and became the marker that all future actors playing the secret agent had to live up to. The list of actors who have played James Bond is quite long, however, to this day, they are still compared to Connery’s interpretation of the elite British spy. It is without question that Sean Connery’s leading role in Dr. No became the prototype for all of the Bond secret agent adventures that followed. Connery embodied everything that the character Bond stood for. His role made classic card games like baccarat blackjack 21 famous. He believed he was James Bond and the viewers fell in love with him.


Chemin-de-fer (also known as Chemmy) is a classic game that you’ll struggle to find in an online or land-based casino. It is a game that preceded baccarat – a popular variant that originated in France. Much like other variants of baccarat, Chemmy is played with six decks of card and the player who achieves a total of 8 or 9 wins. Unlike other variants of baccarat, Chemmy is a game where the players deal the cards themselves and take turns to be the banker. Chemmy is exhilarating, as well as intense. It was made famous by Bond and is certainly not for the feint hearted.